Looking for offline podcasts? Stitcher for Android just got a whole lot better.

Looking for offline podcasts? Stitcher for Android just got a whole lot better.

We’ve previously noted that Stitcher Radio is one of 8 great apps for listening to podcasts on the move, letting you tap-in to your favorite online radio shows on demand, encompassing tens of thousands of live stations.

And with its latest update for Android, you’ll now be able to download and make any podcast available for offline listening.

While Stitcher for Android already had an offline mode, it only applied to newer episodes – there was no way of going back through the archives of your favorite podcasts and pushing them offline. As you can see from the ‘before and after’ shots below, the options for each episode have changed from ‘Episode Details’ to ‘Add to Listen Later’.


Now, unless a station has specifically implemented limitations on how far you can browse its archives, you can go all the way back in time and add anything to an offline playlist.

Once you’ve added your desired tracks, head to the main menu and open the ‘Listen Later’ folder, which you’ll have to push to offline mode, and your podcasts will start download. Of course, it goes without saying you’ll need to ensure you have adequate space on your device – so don’t go too crazy with the ‘Listen Later’ function.


This is a big move for Stitcher, as it makes it infinitely more appealing to commuters, travelers or anyone who needs offline access to their podcasts.

While the iOS incarnation does have offline mode too, it only lets you browse back a small number of podcasts, not the entire archives.

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