Smart productivity app EasilyDo adds premium feature plan priced at $4.99 per month

Smart productivity app EasilyDo adds premium feature plan priced at $4.99 per month

Smart assistant service EasilyDo has released an update that it says is “faster, more intuitive, and more comprehensive.” The iOS and Android apps now feature an improved task discovery capability, a smarter feed, and more. The company is also releasing premium in-app features, which are initially iOS-only and cost $4.99 per month or $49.99 per year.

Started by Mikael Berner, EasilyDo is a productivity app that helps you get things done right on the spot. Users can be notified about friends and family birthdays, event invites, and important social updates from their connections. Over the past year, it has evolved to manage additional task types such as private messaging, OpenTable and Evernote integration, along with meeting requests and flight tracking.

So many personal assistant apps have pivoted their focus to a particular vertical – like calendars or travel – because it’s a really difficult space to get right, but you shouldn’t need a dozen apps to manage your life. Our goal with EasilyDo is to create a single tool that’s as close as possible to a real-world assistant that keeps us on track

Now that the company has hit the peak of task types, it’s now focused on refining its algorithm and “secret sauce” in order to help users be more productive each day. Among the many improvements in version 3.0, EasilyDo is making it faster for its engine to process billions of searches in order to display actionable tasks in seconds. As a result, it’s making fast real-time travel alerts complimentary for a short period of time.


The EasilyDo task feed has now been reorganized as well. Tasks, or “Do Its” as the company calls them, have been arranged according to what you care about and when. So weather alerts will be displayed in the morning and traffic alerts in the afternoon when you’re leaving the office.

Users can also take advantage of more features in version 3.0. Birthday reminders can now be sourced from your contacts, LinkedIn, Facebook, and more. Instead of sending them a social media post, EasilyDo will now give users options to send a phone call, email, or text. What’s more, users won’t have to worry about outdated contact information anymore as the mobile app will parse through email conversations to update your contact list. Lastly, time-based reminders can be set within EasilyDo to show up when you want them to.

With this latest release, EasilyDo is taking the next steps towards monetizing its platform. The company is now offering premium in-app services through a subscription model. Included in this plan are better contact management options, including surfacing and saving multiple contact details from your email. Additional features include being able to receive real-time travel alerts for gate changes, flight delays, and more, along with quick real-time email notifications from Gmail, Exchange, and IMAP informing users of important emails. Subscribers will receive a 10 percent discount on all in-app gift card purchases and executive-level support from EasilyDo.

The company tells us only that the in-app features will come to Android “soon”.

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