VSCO Cam for iPhone takes on Instagram with a photo feed that lets you follow other people

VSCO Cam for iPhone takes on Instagram with a photo feed that lets you follow other people

VSCO Cam for iOS and Android is known for its collection of creative, professional filters and advanced photo-editing tools. Today, creator VSCO is making its iOS app a little more social with an updated feed that gives you the ability to easily publish, follow and view photos in a vertical stream.

That’s right, just like Instagram.

When you swipe in and tap the ‘Grid’ option from the navigation menu, you’ll now see a search button in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Provided you’re signed in with a VSCO account, you can look up other photographers and follow them, just as you would in any other app.


Swipe back to the navigation menu, select ‘Home’ at the top and you’ll see a beautiful, sparse feed filled with the most recent photos from the VSCO Cam users that you follow. At this stage, there’s no way to ‘like’ or comment on images that appear in your feed. While that might seem like a pretty large omission, it is possible to load up a lightbox mode and review the filters they used, when the photo was shot, and the aperture, ISO and flash settings.

Presumably, it’s less about giving instant feedback and more about sharing or appreciating photos from afar.

At the top of the screen you can switch over to your profile page and choose which of the photos you’ve shot or edited in VSCO Cam that you would like to share next. It’s simple to use and has a simply stunning design, but it’s hardly revolutionary either.


For version 3.0, VSCO has rolled-out a number of smaller improvements too including a ‘Level & Tilt’ mode for keeping your images straight, an improved crop tool and the ability to order filters and presets with one tap. if you’re on Android, fear not: VSCO says these features will be heading to the Google Play store “in the near future”, so keep your eyes peeled.

VSCO Cam | App Store | Google Play

Image Credit: ALEXANDER KLEIN/AFP/Getty Images

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