Carrot Fit for iPhone wants to transform your flabby carcass into a grade A specimen of the human race

Carrot Fit for iPhone wants to transform your flabby carcass into a grade A specimen of the human race ...

Back in August, we brought you news on a pretty bonkers alarm clock app going by the name of Carrot. While most alarm-centric apps are fairly compliant to your every whim, Carrot was different – its ultimate remit is to get your lazy head off the pillow and out of bed in the morning. And whatever you do, don’t attempt to hit that snooze button. It doesn’t like that.

Now, the third app (there is the Carrot to-do list app too) in Carrot’s arsenal has just gone live – and this one wants to get you fit.

The aptly-named Carrot Fit app for iPhone, in its own words, is designed to “transform your flabby carcass into a Grade A specimen of the human race.” And to get you there, Carrot will threaten, ridicule, bribe and sometimes even inspire you to achieve your goal.

Using a barrage of audio clips (“I am preemptively judging you”), animations and quirky instructions, Carrot Fit is a really fun app, and it’s clear that developer Brian Mueller has a good ol’ time working on these.

How it looks

From the get-go, Carrot leaves you in no doubt about who’s boss. “Greetings, meatbag” and “I am your new fitness overlord” is standard parlance.



If you’re rather sensitive about your weight, you should still see the comical side here – Carrot doesn’t beat about the push in telling you that you’re flabby. But it’s only trying to help.


Things kick-off with a simple weight-tracker – again, Carrot isn’t backwards in being forwards about what it thinks of your lard-ass. It carries out a mock-scan and tells you that you’re gargantuan.


But then things start for real. You enter your weight, gender and other vital stats and you’re good to go. In settings, you stipulate how frequently you wish to update your weight, for example ‘7am daily’.


If you shake off a few kilos, Carrot is nice to you and gives you further workout tips, random facts, and more. If you gain weight, it will mock you and generally make you feel worthless. In time, it may even force you into doing a 5km Deathmarch.


Underneath all this tomfoolery, however, is a genuine weight-tracker, that lets you set goals and see how you’re progressing. That all said, there is still always that underlying worry that you’ll be ‘zapped’ for under performing.


Sure, Carrot Fit is a very quirky, unorthodox fitness app, but it’s entirely in keeping with Carrot’s design ethos so far and we wouldn’t expect anything less. If nothing else, it is beautifully designed and highly engaging.

Carrot Fit is optimized for iPhone and iPod Touch, and is available to download now for $1.99. Meanwhile, check out the official promo skit below.

Carrot Fit | App Store

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