Bored of your normal résumé? Sumry wants to replace it with an interactive timeline

Bored of your normal résumé? Sumry wants to replace it with an interactive timeline

Looking for a job and sending out résumés is a full-time job in itself, and in order to make yourself stand out from the crowd you might be considering adding some flourishes to your existing CV.

However, tweaking that existing Microsoft Word template isn’t going to cut it. According to Sumry, a service for hosting an interactive version of your CV arranged as a timeline, recruiters spend as little as six seconds looking at a résumé before deciding whether that candidate is in the running, or whether they should simply pass along to the next.

Sumry says the platform has been designed to “tell your story” and not just list your (obviously endless) skills. The profile page is split into six sections (story, passions, skills, personality, contact information, and links) and is fully customizable with different background colors, links and other options.


While you can create an account for free and add all your info, to set it live will cost you $3 (AUD) per month, having just closed a period of free beta testing. That’s about the price of a coffee to stand out from the crowd, and is less drastic than recreating your entire résumé in the style of Super Mario World.

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