Momondo’s city guides for iPad let you find things to do based on your mood

Momondo’s city guides for iPad let you find things to do based on your mood

Travel metasearch engine Momondo has launched a new standalone iPad app for travelers, making it easy to find things to do based on so-called ‘moods’.

How it works

Currently available for Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, New York, Paris and Rome – with more cities en routeMomondo Places features seven individual downloadable guides, which means this can be used offline.

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Each city defaults to ‘everything’, which covers more than 200 things-to-do for each city. You can flip the guide like a book, skip to specific chapters or search manually.

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But the centrepiece of Momondo Places are the six moods it lets you search by.

Now, I’d be more inclined to call these category-filters than moods per se – it’s not ‘happy’, ‘sad’, ‘energetic’ etc. It’s ‘Social’, ‘Fancy’, ‘Cultural’, ‘Local’, ‘Family’ and ‘Romantic’, but nonetheless it’s a super-easy way of honing in on the kinds of things you’re looking for.

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For example, when you apply the ‘Family’ mood, the guide automatically only includes the activities and places it things are suited to this. And you can see everything plotted out on a map too, letting you tap on each site to see more details.

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Yes, Momondo Places is ultimately an extra marketing arm for the company’s existing flight search engine service, but it’s a nicely designed, useful app that should go down well with travelers. And it’s free, too.

That said, Momondo will need to ramp up the available number of cities, something that is currently in the works, and also make this available for iPhones and Android devices too.

Momondo Places | App Store

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