Noted: A beautifully simple gesture-based note-taking app for iPhone

Noted: A beautifully simple gesture-based note-taking app for iPhone

With the likes of Evernote, Simplenote and Drafts long-established in the note-taking app realm, any new entrant to the busy space really has its work cut out for it before things have even started.

But Denver-based development agency Tack has recently entered the fray with Noted, a beautiful, gesture-based note-taking app for iPhone.

How it works

Feature wise, Noted is about as simple as things get. This is no Evernote-killer, but it doesn’t pretend to be – it’s all about the interaction, with swiping very much the order of the day. Pull down to create a new note, and hand-pick your color of choice.

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Photo 03-01-2014 14 34 21

With multiple notes, you simply swipe to the side to peruse your various pieces, or pinch to view all your notes together.

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Photo 03-01-2014 14 35 41

Want to delete a note? Drag your two fingers to the left and it’ll disappear as if by magic.


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Photo 03-01-2014 14 36 04

You can also share specific notes by email, SMS or Twitter, or copy the contents to your clipboard to include in another application.

If you already have your note-taking tool of choice, Noted probably won’t sway you. But if you’re on the look out for a lovely little app that pays a lot of attention to design and usability, it’s certainly worth your time.

Noted is available to download for free now. Meanwhile, you can read a little more about the app’s history and design process over on Tack’s blog here.


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