Following iOS, Pandora for Android gets an alarm clock for waking up to your favorite station

Following iOS, Pandora for Android gets an alarm clock for waking up to your favorite station

Pandora today updated its Android app with a new alarm clock feature. You can download the new version now directly from Google Play.

The update follows the release of Pandora 5.1 for iOS, which first featured the new alarm clock feature. At the time, the company said the Android app would get it too, but it wouldn’t say when.


Now it’s here. The full Pandora 5.1 for Android changelog is as follows:

  • By popular demand, our new alarm clock lets you start your day with Pandora on your Android smartphone Pick one of your favorite stations to wake up to – if you like what you hear, you can keep the music playing.
    • Set and forget – customize how often your alarm repeats throughout the week.
    • Need a few extra minutes of shut eye? Hit snooze to catch more zzz’s.
    • Use with the sleep timer to listen to music you love morning and night.
  • Other small improvements and bug fixes.

Just like on iOS, the alarm clock lets you wake up to your favorite Pandora music. When the alarm goes off, your music will begin to play with album art scrolling in the background, and you can choose to snooze, keep listening to your music, or turn off the alarm simply by tapping the song title or artist name.

The snooze option can be set for 5, 10, 15, or 20-minute increments. When the snooze option is activated, your music will pause and the amount of time remaining will be displayed along with a progress bar counting down how many minutes you have left before the alarm goes off again.

The alarm clock complements Pandora’s recently-added feature for falling asleep to your favorite stations: the Sleep Timer. The company says both were top-requested additions by its users.

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