TalkSide for Android brings context to your calls

TalkSide for Android brings context to your calls

You probably use your mobile phone for many things – texting, Twittering, Facebooking, photographing…and perhaps even telephoning. And if you’re one of those people that still can’t quite give up on voice calls, then you might like TalkSide for Android.

Launching as a new standalone app in place of an earlier version, TalkSide is a call-screen replacer that brings context and background information to your calls. So before you make or receive a call, you can see relevant information such as text messages, Facebook statuses, birthdays and more.

While you are encouraged to sync up with Facebook during the initial set-up, you can actually skip this step – though you will miss out on some of the experience.


In settings, you can choose exactly what content you’ll see from each user – including their photo, Facebook updates, birthdays, SMS chats and photos.


It reminds me a little of RefreshMe, an Android app that lets you attach notes to calls to remember what was discussed previously. But TalkSide is a different product, and is more about automation and depth-of-data than letting you jog your memory through manually-taken notes.

If you’re looking for a smart call-screen replacer, TalkSide is worth your time.

TalkSide | Google Play

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