Stevie now turns any Twitter topic into a social TV channel

Stevie now turns any Twitter topic into a social TV channel

Stevie, the TV-focused startup that emerged from Microsoft’s Azure Accelerator in Israel in early 2012, has introduced an interesting new feature called FollowTV, which essentially transforms any topic or hashtag into a TV channel.

By way of a quick summary, Stevie provides a social TV layer that combines content from your Facebook and Twitter feeds, along with popular videos from YouTube. You can create your own channel by connecting social feeds to your Stevie account, and there’s also curated channels based on social feeds from various industries – lifestyle, design, sports, technology, news, food, and more.

With FollowTV, you can build a channel of anything from across Twitter, consisting of videos, tweets, and headlines around that particular topic.

You can search for a particular topic, view what’s trending or other specific hashtags.


Stevie is becoming an increasingly compelling proposition for those who are unsure what to watch – now it no longer consists purely of content garnered from your own social feeds, celebrity streams or curated channels. It’s now open to the wealth of content and chatter that permeates Twitter.

Stevie finally arrived for Android earlier this month, having previously been available on the Web, iOS (and Apple TV via Airplay) and on Xbox.

You can check out FollowTV now on the link below – it’s only available on the Web app for now, though it will arrive for the mobile versions shortly.

Stevie | FollowTV

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