CircleMe takes its interest-based social network to Android

CircleMe takes its interest-based social network to Android

We first took a peek at CircleMe way back in October 2011 when it launched in private beta. In a nutshell, the app makes it easy to create an online profile to showcase all your favorite things – this could be websites, films, magazines, books, music, hobbies – you name it.

The previously Web-only service finally went mobile when it officially opened to the public early last year, kicking off with an iPhone app. And now it’s available for Android too.

At its very core, CircleMe is about connecting with people with similar interests. You can add users to your network to interact with like-minded people, generally track conversations and events related to your hobbies from news articles, videos and other users’ posts, and even create to-do lists.


Tapping the power of geo-location, users can find content specific to their location too, while the ‘Plant’ feature lets you associate an interest with a specific location. For example, if you always go snorkeling at the same place, you can tag that location as such from your profile – other users may receive an alert when they are nearby. The same can be applied to any event.

Based out of offices in London and Milan, CircleMe’s main growth has been in the UK, US, Italy, France and Brazil. Its latest incarnation for Android is really beautifully-designed, and it can be downloaded for free now.

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