Tydlig reimagines your calculator for iOS

Tydlig reimagines your calculator for iOS

Okay okay, the prospect of a new calculator app might not set your saliva glands into overdrive, but when it’s as nicely designed as Tydlig it’s certainly worth your while checking out.

The app has actually been live in the App Store for a few weeks already, but with the latest update it’s now optimized for iPhone/iPod touch as well as iPad. Here’s a quick look at what you can expect for five of your hard-earned dollars.

Counting on Tydlig

Tydlig for iOS lets you return to, highlight and edit any number in your sequence – when you change that number, the result updates automatically. Also, with a result selected, you can hit any operation – e.g. divide, subtract or add –  and create a linked number beneath it, which lets you kick-off a new sum related to the original one.

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Photo 16-12-2013 15 05 34

These can be unlinked at any point by long-pressing the result. Interestingly, you can also share results by email, message or Twitter – with the recipient getting a screenshot of the calculation.

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Photo 16-12-2013 14 36 29

It’s not just a basic calculator though, it has most of the common scientific functions, and you can even link any of your calculations with a graph by dragging numbers onto it to help visualize formulas. You can also long-press the number you wish to make ‘x’ and choose ‘Link with graph’. A little slider lets you adjust the value, while you can edit the limits by using the number pad.

Photo 16-12-2013 15 12 08
Photo 16-12-2013 15 17 05

From what we can tell, however, there is no way to simply graph an entire function – so there could be scope here for building out this particular area. Or perhaps that’s a different product altogether.

However, Tydlig is a beautifully designed app that brings a rich array of features to the table – the only real downside we see is the $4.99 fee. That’s not a lot of money for what this is, but without a free incarnation, it may be too much for those who prefer to suck-it-and-see before laying their money on the line.

Tydlig is available to download now. Meanwhile, check out the official demo video below.

Tydlig | App Store

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