MusicUp pits you against friends to find out who can identify the most songs in 90 seconds

MusicUp pits you against friends to find out who can identify the most songs in 90 seconds

MusicUp is a new app for iOS, Android and Facebook that allows users to challenge friends (or strangers) to listen to clips from a pre-set playlist of songs to see how many track titles can be identified within the time limit.

It might not be the most cerebral or productive way to spend time, but if you’re a fan of music (or Never Mind the Buzzcocks) then this might appeal as a way to pass a few minutes here and there.

Once you’ve downloaded the app and created an account, you can choose to play against Facebook friends or a random opponent. Playing on Facebook requires granting it profile permissions, whereas using the apps allows you to sign up via Google, Facebook, or an email address. You can also play without registration but lose your scores once you close the app.

You’re then both given 90 seconds to identify as many tracks as you can from the ones that are played back through your speakers. The more you answer correctly, the higher your score. The more you answer without getting one wrong, the higher your score multiplier.


While it’s fun at first – you will need to either pay for or earn free coins if you want to carry on playing the game, and certainly if you want to access new playlists. All the playlists (ranging from current hits all the way back to hits from the sixties, or playlists curated by genre) can be unlocked for a total of $2.99. Alternatively, installing certain other free apps or carrying out certain in-app actions can earn you coins for free.

Aside of the minor quibble that one or two quick games is a little bit stingy to get you going (you can still accept invites from other users without credits, it seems), MusicUp is worth a look if you fancy yourself as someone that knows more than most about popular music. And while it’s by no means the only music quiz game you’ll find on Android or iOS, there aren’t too many that support Facebook as well as both those other platforms.

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