Crowdsourced weather app Wezzoo makes its way to Android

Crowdsourced weather app Wezzoo makes its way to Android


Wezzoo, the weather app that relies on its users to post updates about current weather conditions for all to see, is now available on Android devices.

Announced today, the new app pretty much mirrors the functionality of the iOS counterpart and includes things such as allowing users to post a photo of current weather conditions, set the temperature and select a general weather indicator to give other users at a glance information about the real conditions on the ground. Think of it as doing for weather what Waze does for traffic info.

Once you’ve selected the general weather conditions, added a snap of the sky and indicated the temperature, your update can then easily be shared across social networks and becomes a part of the overall weather picture that you see in map view. Naturally, this isn’t the only crowd sourced weather app out there – Weddar, for example, is another – but we do rather like Wezzoo’s UI, so if weather is your thing, then this could be worth a look.

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Featured Image Credit – AFP/Getty Images

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