Senzari releases a searchable MusicGraph service for making musical connections

Senzari releases a searchable MusicGraph service for making musical connections

Music data company Senzari has launched MusicGraph, a new service for discovering music by searching through graph of over a billion music-related data points.

MusicGraph includes a consumer-facing version and an API that can be used for commercial purposes. Senzari built the graph while working on the recommendation engine for its own streaming service, which has been rebranded as Wahwah.

Interestingly, MusicGraph is launching first on Firefox OS before coming to iOS, Android and Windows Phone in “the coming weeks.”

The app allows for natural language queries while sifting through data. The concept is similar to Facebook’s Graph Search but with a deep focus on the music industry. Senzari says you can run searches like “Artists who were influenced by the Beatles that my friends like.”


The app can also hone in on particular demographic recommendations by taking age group and gender into account. Searches can connect songs based on tempo, key and even chord progressions.

Once you’ve found music you like, you can export playlists from the MusicGraph app to Rdio, LastFM, Spotify or YouTube.

Senzari’s API includes a free non-commercial version that offers 150 calls per minute. Commercial packages start at $499 a month. Developers will have access to a playlist generator, graph search and data.

MusicGraph | MusicGraph API

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