WYSIWYG Web Editor Barley now lets WordPress users edit their sites on the fly

WYSIWYG Web Editor Barley now lets WordPress users edit their sites on the fly

Three months after opening to the public, Barley, the WYSIWYG editor that allows you to add, update, or delete content and images from a Web page without logging in, is now targeting WordPress users with the new Barley for WordPress plugin.

Before today, the Barley Editor only worked with Barley’s own CMS, though there was a WordPress import tool that reeled in data from WordPress and formatted it for the Barley CMS instead.

From today, however, Plain, the Pennsylvania-based company behind Barley, has announced that WordPress users can now access the Barley Editor, which basically lets them bypass the familiar WordPress back-end, taking them directly to the page that needs to be edited or created. They simply tap the page to start adding written content, upload images from their Media Library, throw some audio into the mix, embed videos, and see what the finished page looks like immediately. No ‘Preview’ buttons needed.

Barley for WordPress will set you back $12 per year for each install, or $250 per year for an unlimited install license. For non-WordPress users, the existing Barley Editor continues to provide the same inline content editing for the Barley CMS.

Meanwhile, check out the official Barley for WordPress demo video below.

Barley for WordPress

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