Aviary launches a photo-editing iOS app for its Japanese users with stickers, translation, and more

Aviary launches a photo-editing iOS app for its Japanese users with stickers, translation, and more

Photo-editing platform Aviary is launching something special just for its Japanese users. The company announced today that it has released the first international version of its iOS app into Japan’s App Store giving users custom and exclusive content, enhanced integration with social networks, and full translation.

“Photo Editor by Aviary” was developed from its main team in New York City along with assistance from the folks in its Japan office, which was set up this summer to improve its growth in the country — previously it had partnerships with several services, including Mixi.


So what’s included in this app? Stickers, frames, and filters, of course. What’s more, it has been integrated with Line, Twitter, and other social networks to help bolster its sharing options. Lastly, everything on the app has been translated into Japanese to accommodate the end user.

Built specifically around iOS 7, the app was created with a unique audience in mind. Aviary describes it thusly:

This release is so much more than simply taking an app that works “over here” and blindly giving it to users “over there.” In fact, almost everything inside Aviary has been carefully re-imagined for them – from language to content to social sharing.

In an example of “Know Thy Audience”, Aviary says this new release has been focused on building an emotional connection with its Japanese audience. Recognizing that the US content won’t resonate with the country’s users, the company created a new mobile offering. It also utilizes Aviary’s geo- and location-awareness service that enables the app to display specific content to users based on their location or language preference.

➤ Aviary for iOS (Japan App Store)

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