Automatic to-do list app 24me is now a smart calendar too

Automatic to-do list app 24me is now a smart calendar too

With the likes of Any.Do’s Cal (more here), Tempo (previous coverage), Sunrise (see here), and Readdle’s Calendars 5 already punching strong in the smart calendar space, you’d think there would be room for no more. But hot on the heels of its participation in the TNW USA startup rally, 24me is vying for its own piece of the pie.

To recap, 24me is a robust iPhone app for tracking daily chores, bill payments and birthdays. In July this year, the to-do list app received recurring tasks, automatic birthday reminders and more, so, given the current climate in the productivity space, a smart calendar perhaps isn’t overly surprising.

With version 2.0, 24me now not only strives to automate your schedule, but also create a coherent agenda for today, tomorrow and the rest of the week, drawing on external data to make things just that little bit smoother.

As with other similar apps, 24me taps popular calendar applications such as Google Calendar, Outlook Exchange and Yahoo Calendar, and it also now integrates with the native Reminders app and Outlook task integration, to sync and centralize all your existing plans with 24me.


There’s now a unified view consisting of a user’s planned events and meetings, as well as the myriad of daily reminders.

Tying in with the smart calendar roll-out, is a new Google maps integration, which lets you see an actual Street View location, as well as travel time from your current location, and navigation. Throw into the mix the fact that it also connects with real-world service providers such as banks and telecom firms, as well as social networks, 24me is now a potent lifestyle app.


If you’re already a 24me user, this latest update will no doubt be a welcome addition. And for newcomers on the to-do-list-smart-calendar trail, this will also prove a great starting point for an all-you-can-eat productivity app.

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