Streamnation lets you lend movies and TV shows to friends directly from the cloud

Streamnation lets you lend movies and TV shows to friends directly from the cloud

The handiwork of Deezer co-founder Jonathan Benassaya, Streamnation launched to the world back in July this year, offering a platform for users to stream and share videos and photos directly from the cloud.

That in itself was all well and good, but now Streamnation is ramping things up a notch, by allowing you to upload your own DRM-free (ripped, basically) movies and TV shows to your online account to watch on any compatible device, and lend them to friends and family.


Now, you can basically host your entire digital movie library online, with friends and family able to ask to borrow that movie you kept on harping on about. All parties will, of course, require a Streamnation account.


Connections are able to see what videos you have shared to your profile, and if anyone decides to start watching it, you as the owner cannot watch it – just like they’d cycled over to your house to borrow a DVD in person.

While other facets of the Streamnation service are enabled for personal offline access via the mobile app, shared content can only be borrowed by one friend or family member at a time for a 24-hour period, and is available in streaming mode only.

“With the addition of movies and TV shows, we’re moving closer to helping folks recreate their entire home library online,” explains Benassaya. “We believe letting users engage their friends and family circle through Streamnation will recreate the same freedoms in the digital world that they have in the physical world, in a more convenient way.”

Working across PC and iOS devices (an Android incarnation is on the way), Streamnation offers a tiered pricing structure, with 2GB of free online storage bumped up to 10GB, 100GB, 500GB, 1TB and unlimited for friend-referrals, $4, $9, $14 and $19 a month respectively.


Feature Image Credit – LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images

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