Tempo adds Rapportive-like feature to its smart calendar app to show relevant contacts at events

Tempo adds Rapportive-like feature to its smart calendar app to show relevant contacts at events

Smart calendar app Tempo is receiving an update today that hopefully will make it easier for users to contact people that matter. The app’s creator, Tempo AI, has created the Smart Address Book, a feature that is built on the “meeting graph” that utilizes the most relevant contacts and details and displays them based on upcoming events and meetings.

Additionally, the app has other improvements, such as faster load time, background syncing, instant events edits, and better integration with Hotmail and Outlook (connect with IMAP instead of POP).

The company believes that existing address books are “static lists” whereby little context is given around meetings and conversations. However, by basing the concept around the calendar, Tempo believes that its artificial intelligence and search capabilities can provide contacts in a whole new light:

Tempo automatically creates contact cards that include an individual’s contact details, company background, LinkedIn, Facebook and photos.Tempo neatly organizes these contacts in a user’s calendar for the upcoming week with pre-populated lists sorted by people, companies, and events.

Tempo Smart Calendar_1.1_Company cardIn a way, Tempo’s Smart Address Book feature seems eerily similar to LinkedIn’s Rapportive (or Intro), except that it’s for meetings and not your email.

Say you have a meeting with company X, you might want to find out who works there either to chat with or say “hello” to. Right then, you could go to LinkedIn, but it’s going to share with you a list of people who have listed they work at company X — many who are not relevant to you.

Tempo bills their Smart Address Book as being able to show you right in your calendar event that John Doe, Sally Smith, and Donna Joe, who are listed in your phone or you’re friends with on social media, work there.

Raj Singh, CEO of Tempo AI explains: “Most address books do not have context and think that the people I interact with on Facebook are the people I’m going to call today … Tempo knows which people are important, and is a more comprehensive address book because it draws from communication within email archived in your inbox.”

Another useful feature that has been added is calendar-wide search, something that has been sorely needed. Until now, users weren’t able to find specific events (“When was my meeting with company X? Who was supposed to attend that meeting?“). Now, the app has the capability.

This update is available for iOS devices and made specifically for iOS 7. It’s open to all users in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the UK, and Ireland.

Tempo for iOS

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