Quixey’s natural-language app search engine lands on Android

Quixey’s natural-language app search engine lands on Android

Quixey, the so-called search engine for apps, has extended its enterprise-grade platform to cover consumers for the first time with Quixey for Android, which is now in public beta.

To recap, Quixey lets users search for apps (Android, Mac, Chrome, Facebook, Web, and more) without having to figure out the right title or keyword. The company’s proprietary search technology, Functional Search, lets users find apps “that do what they want” by using natural language that doesn’t require them to know exactly what they’re looking for. So users just describe what they want to do in simple terms.

It’s not the first time Quixey has appeared on Android though – earlier this year it partnered with Sprint to integrate its technology into Android-powered smartphones via Sprint Zone, while it has previously partnered with GO Launcher too, not to mention Ask.com, Microsoft and others. Now it’s available to anyone with an Android smartphone as a standalone app.

Press Release | Quixey Launches Its App Search Direct-to-Consumer

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