Find making decisions hard? Crowdsource opinions using Tiinkk instead

Find making decisions hard? Crowdsource opinions using Tiinkk instead

If you value having the opinion of your friends and family at your disposal whenever you need it, or maybe you struggle to make decisions about the little (or big) things in life, then you might want to check out Tiinkk.

Aside of having an awkward spelling and a resemblance to the word ‘think’, the Australian startup Tiinkk wants to make it easier for you to canvas friends’ opinions on anything you like, from what to see at the cinema to life’s most important decisions. To do so, you simply post a picture or two (and a question) to its social networking service in order to get realtime feedback.


Users can set the time limit for accepting responses, from five minutes to thirty days or longer, which is a useful feature if you’re stood in a dressing room trying to decide whether to buy those jeans or not; you’re unlikely to want to wait there for a week or so. Users also have control over whether the post is visible to just their friends, a specific user, or the wider Tiinkk community.

While the app is similar in functionality to others like Ovoto, it offers a longer expiration period on posts, making it more appropriate for general, non time-specific questions. Ovoto’s maximum post duration is seven days.

Tiinkk is available to download now for iOS devices running iOS 6 or iOS 7. Fear not Android users, a version is on the way for you too.

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