Clickberry: This mobile video app lets you tag friends in real-time as you record

Clickberry: This mobile video app lets you tag friends in real-time as you record

Tagging people and things in photos and videos to share across the social sphere is nothing new. Indeed, if you’re a regular user of Facebook, you’re probably well attuned to telling your friends that you’ve caught them with their pants down simply by appending their name to a candidly-captured Kodak moment. Or maybe that’s just me.

With Clickberry‘s latest app update, however, you can now tag people, objects and any key ‘moments’ inside videos as you’re recording.

Though it has apps for iPad, Windows and Mac, as well as extensions for Chrome and Firefox, all of which serve to help the user create interactive videos after the event, the iPhone and Android incarnation now let you create little hotspots in real-time.

How it works

While you can pull existing videos from your camera roll to tag post-shooting, the fact you can now create tagged sections in a video by long-pressing as you record is particularly neat, as it will save you time at the end having to run through the video again adding tags.


That said, while Clickberry does let you tag hotspots where friends are in videos, you will still have to wait until shooting has ended before you add details to the tag, such as notes and names.

When filming is complete, you can add messages to all your tags which will be displayed at that point when played back.


If you’re up for connecting with Facebook, you can also add any of your friends to the clip and they’ll be notified when you share the video.


It’s worth noting here you can share the video across Facebook, Twitter or even email – and the recipient doesn’t need to have Clickberry, as it will play directly on the Clickberry site:


In addition to real-time tagging, Clickberry also lets viewers ‘like’ and add comments inside the video.


Clickberry is a really nice app and is a welcome addition to the video-recording fraternity. Even if you’re not bothered about the real-time tagging, the suite of post-editing apps across desktop and mobile are well worth checking out too.

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