Activity-tracking app Moves becomes a platform as it showcases its first 15 third-party integrations

Activity-tracking app Moves becomes a platform as it showcases its first 15 third-party integrations

Moves, the activity- and location-tracking app that has drawn acclaim on iOS, is today becoming a platform with the launch of an update that showcases a brace of integrations with third-party apps and services.

Fifteen integrations are already live, including the personal journal app, Narrato, exercise motivation service Earndit and location visualization tool MMapper. A ‘Moves Connected Apps catalog’ will be available within the app by way of an update, and on the app’s website, acting as a directory for uses of the Moves API.

Until now, Moves has largely been an isolated experience, albeit an enjoyable one. Relying on you having your iPhone with you at all times, it tracks your location and movement to create an automated diary of where you’ve been and how far you walked, ran or cycled. It even knows when you’re traveling by other means such as a car. However, until now your data has been trapped within the app, without even a way to transfer it to another device if you upgrade your phone (although Moves Export recently launched to let you at least export the data).

Moves Connected Apps catalogue
Moves Connected Apps MMapper app

The launch of an API that third-party developers can use to take Moves data in new directions is a first step in making the app more useful beyond the current device you have it installed on. I’m told that user accounts (so you can log in on your new iPhone and pick up where you left off) are coming next month, as is the long-awaited Android version.

The full list of integrations launching today is: Earndit, EveryMoveTictracNarrato,Moves Export, MMapperNudge, We+, Walker  Tracker, CleverGeo, DiscipleXgames, GridDiary, Moves raw JSON Export, Quantid and HumanAPI.

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