Heystack wants to help singletons meet friends-of-friends through Facebook

Heystack wants to help singletons meet friends-of-friends through Facebook

As one of the startups that rocked the Israel Mobile Summit Conference earlier this year, we were keen to see what Heystack had in store when it finally went live to the world.

The women-focused dating app is now live, plugging in to your Facebook profile to build a social graph for singletons. In addition to mapping your immediate friends, Heystack pulls on data around friends-of-friends AND friends-of-friends-of-friends too, so it does go deep.

You scroll through profile photos, swiping as you go along – a short swipe is ‘Like’, a slightly longer swipe is a simple ‘Hey’ and a long-swipe is ‘get him out of my face’. If you’re worried this means you’ll start being hassled on Facebook by crazies, relax. This only works when both parties have downloaded and installed the app – but it does mean they can go searching for you on Facebook directly if you’re not on Heystack.

While it is aimed primarily at women finding men, the startup is also looking to tempt men on board by giving them more restricted features. Guys are limited to 20 profiles a day and three ‘Hey’ messages, while women can start a private conversation with as many men as they like.

It’s iOS-only for now, but an Android version is in the works.



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