Carrot Alarm for iPhone: Whatever you do, don’t hit the snooze button…

Carrot Alarm for iPhone: Whatever you do, don’t hit the snooze button…

There’s no shortage of third-party alarm clock apps for iPhone – there’s Wake, Suno and Rise for starters.

But while most of the alarm apps you’re already accustomed to will be fairly compliant to your every whim, Carrot Alarm is a little different.

Whatever you do, don’t annoy Carrot


From the makers of the Carrot to-do list app (not to be confused with this one), Carrot Alarm’s ultimate remit is to get your lazy head off the pillow and out of bed in the morning. But whatever you do, don’t attempt to hit that snooze button.

Carrot does actually have a sense of humor (well, I found it amusing), though it may not seem like that when you’re rubbing your eyes after 6 hours of slumber. If you tap the wrong part of the screen, well, it won’t be slow to tell you so.


To wake up, swipe up. And to snooze, swipe down.

Even during the initial tutorial stage Carrot Alarm is pretty rude – I tried testing the snooze functionality during this stage and got this message.


But when it’s for real, you’ll be given mini-games and tasks – such as disposing of dead bodies (in real terms, this actually means shaking your device). The task could also entail ‘releasing neurotoxin’ (flipping your device).

It’s actually a beautifully simple interface in its own right – to change the alarm time, you simply press and hold the figure (e.g. ‘7.25’) and drag it up or down to set.

Within the settings menu, you can change the snooze duration among other elements.

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Then, you simply leave the app face-down at night and await Carrot’s voice- or music-based wake-up call. If you choose to wake up, you’re in better company, but you will still have to carry out chores that involve some form of mental capacity. If you choose to snooze it, Carrot will threaten the life of a small kitten. No joke.

There’s a big gamification element here too – you can claim rewards and level-up, unlocking upgrades, fresh tunes and bedtime stories.

Carrot Alarm is available to download for $0.99 now. And if you’re still not entirely sure what to expect, check out the official demo video below.

Carrot Alarm | App Store

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