LikeWhere uses places you know well to suggest points-of-interest in new cities

LikeWhere uses places you know well to suggest points-of-interest in new cities

The intersection between travel guides and technology is a well-worn path, but Dublin-based startup LikeWhere is bringing an interesting twist to the travel-app table.

LikeWhere begins with a familiar reference point in a city you already know (e.g. your home city), and then suggests similar places in a city you perhaps don’t know quite so well.

How it works

First up, choose your destination city – the one you’d like to discover. At the time of writing, this includes twenty conurbations from around the world, such as London, Amsterdam, New York, and Paris.


Next, select the city you know well.


You can then click a place that you like from the place you know well, and it will tell you of similar places in the city you’re visiting.


You can use any combination and it works in both directions. So if you know Edinburgh like the back of your hand and want to find similar places in London, LikeWhere shows you.


It’s a really nicely designed and well-constructed app. Although there are no native mobile apps at present, the current Web version is optimized for your smartphone and works well. Naturally, it would be good if it could extend beyond twenty cities, but it’s still early days.

LikeWhere was founded out of Ireland in January this year, and it’s open for business now. Meanwhile, check out the official promo video below.


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