Burpple redesigns its foodie photo-sharing app, adds Social Menus and Wishlists

Burpple redesigns its foodie photo-sharing app, adds Social Menus and Wishlists

Burpple updated its foodie-focused photo-sharing and discovery app for iOS today with its most significant redesign to date, adding a couple of new features along the way such as Wishlists and Social Menus.

Update: Changes have also been made to its Android app, which has shed its beta tag too.

The app is simpler and cleaner than ever before, abandoning the stitching and other skeumorphic tweaks that were prevalent across much of Burpple’s UI. The pink, grey and white color scheme is still in full effect, but the overall design is far more in-keeping with the aesthetic pushed in iOS 7.

Navigation is tied to the bottom of the screen, but Burpple has been wise to rip out all the text and focus on a series of small, instantly recognizeable icons. The home screen rests on the left-hand side, offering a simple Instagram-style feed of photo uploads, coupled with a quick capture in the center.


All of the photo-sharing features built into the previous version of the iOS app remain the same – adding artistic filters and a quick caption is still pretty effortless – but the general experience feels far more polished and professional this time around.

Burpple is also keen to pitch the app as a replacement to Foursquare or Evernote Food, serving up recommendations for restaurants, bars and cafes in the surrounding area. Earlier this month Burpple launched a food search engine on the Web called the Social Food Guide, and some of that functionality is now available in the iOS app.

Social Menus, which are basically the same as starred dishes on a physical restaurant menu – now appear on each locale’s profile page and are ranked depending on their popularity with other Burpple users.


To help users keep track of where they want to eat next, the updated Burpple app for iOS also includes a Wishlist feature for saving memorable dining spots. It’s denoted by a large green button on each business’ page and subsequently stored in a dedicated tab on the user’s profile screen.

Burpple still has issues supporting users on an international scale. The app failed to find any nearby restaurants or cafes’ during our tests in London, with the broadest search terms pointing to places in Singapore, where Burpple is presently based. It’s a shame, as localized data would easily make Burpple one of the leading apps for finding new places to eat.

The updated app is available right now for free in the App Store. Burpple CEO Elisha Ong says a similar update for Android is coming soon. (It’s in the Google Play store now.)

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