Yandex takes on Google Drive and Dropbox with low-price cloud storage – 1TB for $30 per month

Yandex takes on Google Drive and Dropbox with low-price cloud storage – 1TB for $30 per month

Russia’s Yandex is enhancing its cloud storage service Yandex.Disk today with the launch of paid storage plans. 20GB is currently available for free, but now users can dip in their pocket and buy an additional 10GB for $1 per month or $10 per year, 100GB for $5/$50 and 1TB for $30/$300.

Unusually for such packages, users can buy either single or multiple expansions for their storage, so you could (including your free storage have a total of 1.31TB for $41 per month or $360 per year. If you stop paying, you’ll still be able to access the files you stored in your paid space, although you obviously won’t be able to add any more.

Although based in Russia (and the company tells us all servers are based in the country too), Yandex.Disk is available internationally, with apps for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android and Windows Phone in addition to a browser-based interface. Yandex says that its cloud storage offering has 12 million unique users per month, mostly in Russia and the CIS countries, but with 6.5-7% coming from elsewhere in the world.

Yandex.Disk launched in April 2012 ahead of Google Drive and jumped from 10 to 20GB of storage with its full public launch in September last year.

Google’s offering currently offers 15GB of free storage (5GB less than Yandex). While Google matches Yandex on the price of 100GB, Yandex is a whole $20 cheaper than its US rival when it comes to 1TB. However, both beat Dropbox in price – its consumer offering only goes up to 500GB, which costs a whopping $50 – $20 more than 1TB from Yandex.

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