Citysocializer’s iOS app now plots social gatherings on a map to let you see local activities at a glance

Citysocializer’s iOS app now plots social gatherings on a map to let you see local activities at ...

Citysocializer, the mobile and Web-based service that helps you tap into social scenes wherever you wander, has launched an update to its iPhone app today that introduces a new GPS map view of all ‘socials’ taking place in each location.

Founded in 2007 as Citysocialising by former BBC producer Sanchita Saha, the app rebranded as Citysocializer back in June just as it rolled out its first native mobile application. Though it’s currently very UK-centric, Citysocializer is looking to push out into the social sphere with a subscription-based approach to finding new friends anywhere in the world.

In terms of how it works, you tag your profile with what you like and the neighbourhoods and cities you frequent. You can also receive invites when like-minded people are getting together, or browse what are known as ‘Socials’ (basically get-togethers) that are happening around you.

Now, however, when perusing events you can swipe the page up to unveil socials happening in your locale too.


Throwing location-awareness into the mix is an obvious move for what, essentially, is a location-based social networking app.

“Research amongst our most active users show that the ‘what’ of an activity or night out comes top of the list when making a decision on whether to go out or not, and this is followed very closely by the ‘where’,” explains Sanchita Saha CEO and founder.

“Our members are predominantly busy young professionals who often make last minute decisions on going out,” she continues. “Therefore, proximity becomes key to making that decision as in London in particular, it can take an hour to get from one end of the city to the other and no-one wants to travel that far if they just fancy a drink after work for example.”

In terms of global availability, anyone from anywhere in the world can sign up and, once it hits 200 people from a particular region, this will unlock the full service and features for that area.

At the time of writing, it’s ‘open’ across thirty UK cities, from London through to York, and in the coming weeks New York will become the first international city to be opened to Citysocializer.

For now, if you try to search for activity in any city outside the UK, you’ll be asked to invite friends from that place.

The Citysocializer app is free to download now, letting you browse existing socials, look at user profiles and ‘wave’ at others. To join in Socials and fully interact, this requires a fee of £3.99 ($6)/week via an in-app purchase and monthly, 3-month and 6-month memberships available via the website.

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