Cinely helps filmmakers find collaborators, and brands find filmmakers

Cinely helps filmmakers find collaborators, and brands find filmmakers

There’s no shortage of platforms to help budding moviemakers fund their first masterpiece – there’s Indiegogo and Kickstarter. But what if they’re actively seeking collaborators for new projects? Or projects created from scratch? That’s where Cinely wants to help.

Cinely has been in open beta since the end of 2012, though its full set of features is only available if you have an account – this is available by invitation only which can be requested through the sign-up option on the homepage.

Cinely sells itself as a platform for filmmakers, as well as a marketplace for them – it’s like 99designs. If you’re a brand looking for something to be created, this section of the site is open to one and all now.


You can choose from a commercial, music video, Web series, product video, short film or ‘other’. When you click through, you can peruse previous content created by Cinely members to help give yo an idea of their skills.

Click ‘Get Started’ at the top and you’ll be invited to set up an account if you don’t have one already. If you do, you’ll automatically see two options, one being a request for proposal, and the other one being a video contest. Again, this clearly follows the 99designs model.

However, Cinely isn’t simply trying to be a 99designs for moviemakers – it’s like a social network for those looking to tap into talent and collaborate on projects.

For example, if you’re a writer, director, cameraman and actor all in one but don’t have the first clue about costumes or composing music, well, this is where Cinely could help. If you’re logged in as a moviemaker, you can choose to ‘Follow’ and ‘Message’ specific users with a view towards teaming up.


It’s still very early days though, and in Cinely’s short tenure so far it’s seen more than 2,000 filmmakers join with some videos already coming to fruition through the platform.

If you’re looking to have a movie made, Cinely is fully open for business now. If you’re a filmmaker, you can use the link below to request an invite to join.


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