Private social network Path comes to the Kindle Fire HD

Private social network Path comes to the Kindle Fire HD

Path has today announced that it’s shipping a version of its social network app for the Kindle Fire, but that only the HD versions are eligible. The Path announcement says that the company worked with Amazon to make the app available.

Notably, this does look a bit different than the version it has out for Android which will technically work on larger screen Android devices. Ironically, Path is only able to say that the Kindle Fire HD has ‘sold millions worldwide’, as Amazon has never officially announced any sales numbers.

“Making Path available for Kindle is a goal our Android team has worked tirelessly and excitedly to accomplish over the past few months,” says the announcement. “We were thrilled to work with Amazon, a team who sets the standard for quality and customer satisfaction.”


If you have a Kindle Fire HD 7″, Kindle Fire HD 8.9″ model then you can grab the app from Amazon’s Appstore here. Path has been rapidly expanding to other platforms lately after a long period on iOS and then Android. The company recently announced that it would be bringing the app to the Windows Phone platform, alongside some other high-profile releases like Instagram and Flipboard. In that case it worked in partnership with Nokia.

Path crossed the 10M user mark earlier this year, though that growth came at a cost as it was lambasted for spamming users with text messages and emails to spur adoption.

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