Get Satisfaction launches a new community platform for brands, extends its HTML5 app to tablets and PCs

Get Satisfaction launches a new community platform for brands, extends its HTML5 app to tablets and PCs ...

Get Satisfaction, the community software platform for companies, is unveiling a new look today as it strives to help its clients “differentiate on customer experience”.

Launched out of San Francisco in 2007, Get Satisfaction offers a platform for companies to engage with their customers by tapping into and fostering online conversations that are going on around their products. Not happy about the way a company is behaving? You can tell them via a dedicated Get Satisfaction page, just like Spotify users did before the music-streaming service opted to take its community back in-house.

But with companies such as Kellogg’s and Sonos on board, Get Satisfaction claims to serve more than 35 million consumers per month, across 70,000 individual communities.

With the newly redesigned Get Satisfaction rolling out to businesses from today, the company says it’s looking to allow firms to extend and amplify the so-called “community effect” across the board.

Get Satisfaction gets a facelift

Part of this overhaul includes an all-new Manage Workspace portal, which gives community managers access to various tools to help them liaise with customers – this could simply be to view recent conversation threads and identify which are complaints, praise or suggestions.

It can also be used to initiate conversations with the community.


Manage Workspace is essentially a centralized repository for all the key moderation functions, and is designed to make it easier to respond to customers, and constitutes part of its new Community Management Console.

The company is also extending the rollout of its new consumer-facing community app, which was announced in April for iPhone, iPod touch and Android smartphones. Today sees this responsive design extended to support desktop browsers and tablets too.

We’re also told that Get Satisfaction will be introducing some interesting new features through this year – including sub-communities with privacy settings, enhanced user-profiles and other marketing automation tools.

You can get on board with the new Get Satisfaction now.

Get Satisfaction

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