Buffer integrates its tweet scheduling service into popular Twitter client Echofon

Buffer integrates its tweet scheduling service into popular Twitter client Echofon

Buffer, the service that lets users schedule posts to social networks to space out their updates, has announced a partnership with popular Twitter client Echofon that allows tweets to be ‘buffered’ from inside the Echofon mobile app.

The move effectively brings Buffer’s scheduling service into Echofon for Android and iOS. Existing users simply open the app, type out their tweet and then hit schedule.  The app will then prompt them to link their Buffer account before scheduling the tweet to be published at the next available slot. Users select the time slots when they want to tweet and Buffer publishes the tweets during the slot that is nearest and free).

Echofon users can also schedule retweets, a feature that Buffer introduced in May, directly from the app.


Users who schedule tweets via Echofon are able to assess the engagement that their tweets generated using the analytics that Buffer supplies. The service shows how many retweets that tweets get and how many links are clicked on to help find the optimal time to post tweets.

Though it has lost some of its popularity in recent times as Twitter places more emphasis on its own app, Echofon remains one of the most prominent third-party apps for Twitter. Neither the company nor Buffer have provided an exact figure for its user base, but Buffer co-founder Leo Widrich says Echofon has “millions of users”.

The partnership with Echofon is the latest in a series of moves to integrate Buffer’s scheduling feature into popular apps and services. Widrich recently told TNW that the company is aiming to make simple by bringing key features to apps that people already use, and other tie-ins have included partnerships with RSS reader service Feedly and marketing analytics firm Followerwonk.

All in all, Buffer supports more than 40 services, including IFTT, Pocket, Digg and Reeder. In addition, there are browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox or Opera, and mobile apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10.

Buffer co-founder Joel Gascoigne recently revealed that the service had passed 800,000 registered users, of which 150,000 are active each month. Buffer raised $400,000 in December 2011 with a seed funding round that included participation from a whopping different 19 investors.

The basic Buffer service is available for free, but a $10 per month premium membership provides unlimited buffering, more social accounts and support for teams.

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