Bill-splitting service BillPin now supports 40 currencies – including Bitcoin and beer

Bill-splitting service BillPin now supports 40 currencies – including Bitcoin and beer

BillPin, the bill-splitting service based out of Singapore, has gone international. That’s to say that the service now supports 40 different currencies, which include Bitcoin and another monetary unit that transcends geography: beer!

The BillPin service had been in beta for some time but launched to the public in February of this year and is available worldwide. The objective is simple, to be the place where friends keep track of what they owe each other, whether that be rent, bills, a pizza, bets, drinks or more. As well as tracking expenses, users can make transactions to one another through BillPin.

A new entry on the BillPin blog explains that the latest change now allows users to keep tabs with friends using multiple currencies.

So, for example, I keep the majority of my bills in Thai Baht (my local currency), but I can make US dollar the unit for tracking what my US-based colleagues Ken and Alex owe me, while items that I owe/are owed to me from Nick (in the UK) and Kaylene (in Singapore) can be tracked in British Pounds or Singapore Dollars — or, indeed, the unit of beer itself.

Far from being an Asia-only app, BillPin is making strides worldwide. The company acquired the customers of 7-year-old BillMonk, the US-based service that inspired BillPin’s creation, in April.

Co-founder Darius Cheung reveals that the US, India and Singapore are its top three markets worldwide. Cheung says the service recently passed $300,000 in cumulative transactions and to date it has helped track more than $20 million in bills shared between its users.

BillPin is available on Android, iOS and via the Web — you can find the links below.

➤ BillPiniOS | Android

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