YourExtraLife: This iOS game lets you progress by completing real-life challenges

YourExtraLife: This iOS game lets you progress by completing real-life challenges

YourExtraLife sells itself as a “fun way to explore the world’s possibilities”.

In practical terms, it’s a game that only lets you progress by completing challenges….in real life. It’s all about letting you experience new emotions, attain fresh skills and, ultimately, foray outside your comfort zone.

You pick a challenge, finish it and post a photo as proof. The community then ‘validate’ the picture, which lets you earn titles, badges and unlock even harder challenges. It’s a little bit like Klash…except it leans less towards Jackass.

How it works

You can log-in either with Facebook or email. Once in, you’ll see a list of five broad themes – Gourmet, Nightlife, Culture, Romance and Altruism.


You can only look at one challenge at a time within each category – to unlock more, you must complete the first one. As you’d expect, they get gradually harder, but to begin with they’re super easy.

For example, in ‘Gourmet’ you start simply by taking a photograph of ingredients of your favorite dish and post it to the community. Simple. As you progress, you will of course have to don your apron and get involved with mixing bowls and wooden spoons, or even host a rooftop barbecue.


A quick peek behind ‘Altruism’ reveals a pretty easy task to get things going – simply ‘Like’ a charity’s Facebook Page and share a screenshot. Don’t be surprised if you end up having to give a random person ten bucks the further you progress…


While the little red flag denotes the main challenges area, when you hit that button you’re taken to the main menu where you can navigate to a live challenges feed for yourself and others you follow. But it’s the tribunal section where things get decisive.

Here is where the community vote for the legitimacy of a photo. Naturally, it’s far from fool-proof, and you’re only cheating yourself if you go down the Photoshop route. Plus, it’s just a bit of fun, right?


It’s a nice idea that’s been well executed – I can see this getting really addictive the more challenges you unlock. If you’re looking for something a little sillier, you may wish to check out Onefeat too.

YourExtraLife is available to download from the App Store for free now.

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