Reeder 3.2 for iPhone adds Feedly support, just as Google Reader officially shuts down

Reeder 3.2 for iPhone adds Feedly support, just as Google Reader officially shuts down

With alternatives for Google Reader sprouting up since the company announced its decision to sunset Reader back in March during a spring cleaning, Reeder has upped its offerings to cope with this move and released version 3.2 for the iPhone today.

In a blog post (via The Verge), developer Silvio Rizzi wrote that Reeder 3.2 will add support for Feedly – which includes one-click Google Reader importing. It will also support FeedbinFeed Wrangler (there is no support for smart streams yet in Reeder) and Fever.

The current versions of Reeder for the Mac and iPad, however, have been pulled from the App Store as they only work with Google Reader. Rizzi says “it’s not that easy to add other services to the current versions of these apps” but all three versions of Reeder will get major updates in the future, and he is working to get them out as soon as possible.

Feedly – a browser plug-in that turns feeds into magazine-like layouts – has been growing in popularity, swelling from 4 million users in March to over 12 million at the end of May, and presumably it has Google to thank for that.

We have previously covered RSS alternatives to Google Reader here and here.

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