Fiverr launches its refreshed microtask marketplace with analytics, to-do list and more

Fiverr launches its refreshed microtask marketplace with analytics, to-do list and more

Fiverr, the Task Rabbit-rivaling startup that serves as a global marketplace for people to buy and sell services for as little as $5, has launched its updated platform to one and all.

Just to recap, Fiverr lets registered users – ‘micro-entrepreneurs’ – use its website to monetize their skills and resources for as little as $5 per ‘gig’ (task), which can be anything from Web design to gardening, though they can offer add-ons or sell it in multiples (based on their ‘level’) to reel in more cash. That’s it in a nutshell, at least.

The Israeli company lifted the lid on its new look earlier this month, and after a few weeks in invite-only mode, Fiverr v2.0 is now officially open for business.


Fiverr’s new look

In addition to an all-new visua’ design and marketplace, which displays key elements such as a seller’s rating, responsiveness, average delivery time, and such like, Fiverr also now offers a Mission Control dashboard to help ‘giggers’ monitor key metrics such as delivery status, order tracking, revenues, and expenses.

For sellers, Mission Control serves up real-time analytics which surfaces trends, cancellation rates, buyer demographics, sales and more. While buyers can monitor their accounts with access to all their placed orders, recent searches and so on.


Fiverr also now offers a single workflow page that displays actionable items in date-order – it’s like a giant to-do list of tasks that need done, and it’s updated in real-time.


The story so far

Launched in 2010 by Shai Wininger and Micha Kaufman, Fiverr now has a team of 70 based in offices in New York and Tel Aviv. The company landed $15 million in funding from Accel Partners and Bessemer Venture Partners last year, which was in addition to the $5 million it previously raised.

Today, Fiverr counts ‘millions’ of users in more than 200 countries, with ‘thousands’ of new gigs added each day, selling from between $5 and $500 on average.

“Our goal for this new platform is to empower the creative people of the ‘Gig Economy'”, explains Kaufman, CEO of Fiverr. “We’re seeing users buy houses, cars, and settling college loans with the money they’re making on Fiverr.

“Small businesses are thriving because of the services they’re finding from our users,” he continues. “This is our passion at Fiverr – helping people make money on their own terms, and to have fun while they’re at it. The new Fiverr is a reflection of the shift from an outdated work model to the new entrepreneur. We will continue to follow this passion and drive this movement forward.”

The all-new Fiverr is open now.


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