RunKeeper 3.5 for iOS hits the streets, makes it easier to brag about how fit you are

RunKeeper 3.5 for iOS hits the streets, makes it easier to brag about how fit you are

The fitness tracking app RunKeeper has been updated to include new features that allow you to keep track of your own and your friends’ progress in the form of a Social Feed and a new Ranking option to see how well aspects of your run stack up against previous outings.

The Boston-based company, which first launched the app in 2008, announced the update in a blog post on Tuesday.

“From the beginning, the RunKeeper community has been a close-knit one where friends (both old and new) provide motivation to help each other reach their fitness goals.  You can see progress, chime in with praise or encouragement, and get pumped up by seeing all of the fun activities, milestones, and races of your RunKeeper friends.  But until recently, none of this social functionality was on your phone,” the company said.

In order to fully take the experience mobile, RunKeeper’s new social feed will now allow all of that functionality in a bid to keep you pounding away the miles on the pavement.


As well as tracking the normal sorts of things you can do on your phone, such as the number of miles run in a particular session and the time of day, it also calls out things like differences in elevation compared to ‘normal’ runs directly in the social feed as a graphic (as shown in the picture above) and allows users to post pictures and brag about their new personal bests before they even make it home.

In addition to the new social feed feature, RunKeeper has also introduced a Ranking feature that it promises will provide all-important context about “your personal fitness journey”.

Restricted to RunKeeper Elite users, the Ranking feature will show exactly how a particular workout compares to a previous run of a similar distance and how your overall speed is trending as you progress.


Non-Elite RunKeeper members do still get access to the Ranking feature but will only see how close (or far!) a run is from a personal record.

Already this year, RunKeeper announced support for six new languages including French, Spanish and Japanese, and later followed this by adding support for integration with the Pebble smart watch.

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