Beautiful writing app Byword for iOS adds instant publishing to WordPress, Tumblr, Evernote and more

Beautiful writing app Byword for iOS adds instant publishing to WordPress, Tumblr, Evernote and more

Metaclassy, the startup behind the stunning and minimalistic writing app Byword for iOS and Mac, has updated its mobile offering to version 2.0 today with a deluge of new features, including instant blog publishing and improved offline editing.

TNW’s Brad McCarty first reviewed Byword for Mac back in March 2011, calling it “an absolute joy” to work with. Users can write in Markdown, a simple process for adding HTML formatting to word documents, or rich text depending on their preference. Both apps offer a simple, plain background – there’s a dark or light color scheme to pick from in the Mac version – with a selection of beautiful typefaces.

The app’s feature set is relatively limited, but it’s actually thrived on that basis. A simple interface free of clutter and distractions can be a godsend for those looking to just knuckle down and hammer out some copy.


The iOS version now sports better conflict resolution, which means that when two versions of the same file land in Dropbox the user can pick which version to keep and continue editing. A single tap confirms the version the user wants to keep, while a quick double-tap zooms into the live preview. It’s quick, effortless and just works.

A revamped airplane mode means that users can now create, edit, rename and delete text files while they’re offline. The app automatically downloads these files while there’s an Internet connection, before handling all the subsequent changes when the user is back online. It’s a small, but handy feature for users who regularly write on the train, tube or in areas where there’s limited connectivity.

With a premium subscription, users can now post text files to WordPress, Tumblr, Evernote, Blogger and Scriptogram directly from Byword. The app enables the writer to set tags, categories and a status update, essentially replacing any of the dedicated apps already built for these services on iOS.


Metaclassy has also revealed that they are “working to better support other media” through this new functionality, so if you’re interested in embedding images and video, keep your eyes peeled.

There’s also a bunch of new typefaces and font sizes to choose from in this version, as well as a number of technical improvements such as the ability to retain the current scroll position while viewing the document as a Markdown preview.

Byword continues to be a delightful pair of writing apps for iOS and OSX. The updated mobile app is available right now in the App Store for $2.99.

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