Pixplit, the Instagram for social photo collages, now enables private and solo ‘splits’

Pixplit, the Instagram for social photo collages, now enables private and solo ‘splits’

Back in December we reported on Pixplit, which we noted was like an Instagram for social photo collages, adding that it’s a lot more fun than you might think.

Since then, Pixplit has landed on Android, and this week both versions of the app have received a bit of a makeover.

Just to recap, Pixplit allows you to choose a split-frame layout, fill one of the slots with a photograph, add an optional filter and publish it to the ‘Playground’ section of the app.

Screenshot_1Here, your Pixplit followers can add photos to other parts of the layout to make the picture complete, so to speak. It is actually a lot of fun and you can end up with something that looks a little bit like this – we wonder what Darwin would have to say about it.

Pixplit 2.0

Besides the usual bug fixes and performance tweaks, Pixplit 2.0 brings a handful of updates. Now, you can create private splits and instant-message (in private too, obviously) with friends and other chosen contacts.

Previously, everything was done in the open. Now, you can take things behind closed doors, and the new private feature doesn’t enable sharing across the social sphere.


As such, there’s a brand new inbox through which all your private chats are siloed. Also, Pixplit now lets users ‘go solo’, creating and completing their own split – so they no longer have to collaborate. Simply click ‘New Split’, your chosen frame layout and you’re good to go.


Additionally, the capture and edit screens have been redesigned to create more room for the split and clear access to filters and borders.

Pixplit is available to download for free now, on Android and iOS, and is localized for 15 different languages.

➤ Pixplit – Android | iOS

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