Listen to the infinite sound of rain with for iOS and Android

Listen to the infinite sound of rain with for iOS and Android

Remember, the Web app that streams the sound of rain and, erm, that’s about it?

Well, rather than being a quirky one-off, has now gone mobile – that’s right, you can now listen to repetitious rain loops on the move. streams on to mobile

Now, I love the sound of rain as much as the next guy – there’s something very soothing about the pitter patter. But I just never in a million years imagined such an app would prove to be a viable product. However, notched up 100,000 unique visitors last month alone, which isn’t bad all things considering.

“One of the best things about for me is receiving emails from people around the world telling me how the site has helped them,” explains the founder, who goes by the name of ‘Neil’. “From military personnel and professors, to students and executives, can make anyone’s day, including my own.”

Costing $1.99, the mobile app – available for Android and iOS – is actually very nicely designed, featuring a rolling rain track with a volume control, and three different weather extremities.

It would’ve been a nice touch to include an animated GIF of falling raindrops, but we’ll have to make do with a revolving carousel of rain-related stills. You can choose from the original slideshow as seen on, plus a separate slideshow from a Facebook photo contest that was launched last year. The choice is yours.


Interestingly, you can also create your own custom rain mix, with individual volume controls for each element.

Now, you also have two timers at your disposal, one that fades and counts down to turning off – say, if you want to go to bed. And one that counts down to turning on, say, if you want to take a break.


“There has been an overwhelming demand for a mobile app, but we didn’t want to just rush out a bug-filled, bad quality app,” explains Neil. “We have taken the time to polish and refine our new app to make sure it is fun and easy to use just like our site. We are really excited to share the new app with everyone, and hope they love it as much as I do.”

An utterly simple and bonkers app you’ll no doubt agree, but if you love rain, you’ll love this. is available to download now, costing $1.99 (yup), which is a little cheaper than the likes of Rainy Mood.

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