Twitch takes its video-streaming app for gamers to the Xbox 360, but it’s for spectators only

Twitch takes its video-streaming app for gamers to the Xbox 360, but it’s for spectators only

Launched in 2007, is one of the stalwarts of Web-based video streaming, which is why we were particularly interested when it branched out a gaming-focused offshoot called Twitch back in the summer of 2011.

Just to recap, Twitch is a video-streaming platform-cum-social community for gamers, claiming more than 34 million visitors per month. It lets users broadcast their games, watch others and chat about, well, gaming.

Earlier this year, we asked how Twitch was going to retain its livestreaming ascendance, with both the DailyMotion and YouTube turning up the pressure. And it seems that one of those ways is via your living room and its new Xbox 360 app.

Twitch for Xbox 360


The new Twitch app is only available to Xbox Live Gold subscribers in the US for now. And it’s worth noting here, users can only watch live-streams – they won’t be able to broadcast themselves  playing games. But nonetheless, this launch signifies a significant step for Twitch, as it looks to cement itself firmly in living rooms across the land.

The Xbox 360 app app lets gamers watch the top 300 live Twitch channels, allowing them to browse by channel, game or featured content.


Microsoft is just one of many in a long list of big-name partnerships for Twitch, which includes Electronic Arts (EA), Ubisoft, Activision and Sony Online Entertainment.

“The app will let every Xbox Live gamer find and watch streams of their favorite games from their couch,” says Emmett Shear, Twitch CEO. “Given the huge number Xbox owners and how many of them love gaming spectatorship, it’s a natural fit to bring the Twitch experience to the 360.”

The app is available for download from the Xbox Live marketplace in the US now.


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