Evernote Food brings Foursquare venue ratings to the fore, adds auto-lock feature and new recipe partners

Evernote Food brings Foursquare venue ratings to the fore, adds auto-lock feature and new recipe partners ...

Evernote Food has been updated once again for iOS devices with improved Foursquare integration, new recipe partners and an auto-lock feature to stop your iPhone or iPad from going to sleep in the kitchen.

Evernote has been expanding its Food app beyond a simple recipe and note-taking service for sometime. The company is leveraging Foursquare data at the moment to give users information about the restaurants in their surrounding area, complete with contact details and a map.

Back in March, Evernote Food was updated to support in-app reservations using OpenTable, which gave the service a whole new spin as a dedicated food companion app.


Evernote has tweaked this service by providing Foursquare venue ratings, one of the most important metrics when deciding whether to visit a restaurant, in the app list view. This means that users don’t have to select or swipe through to a business’ page every time they want to get a feel for the quality of their dishes.

Search has also been improved, both in the accuracy of nearby places and through the addition of new cuisine filters, which lets users search for a new restaurant based on whether they serve Italian, Chinese, or Mexican, etc.

Evernote Food also serves as an inspiration app, offering new recipes based on a number of curated partners. The app now includes a number of new contributors, including Rimi and iCook, to cater for Korean and Taiwanese food enthusiasts.


Along with a number of bug fixes and overall performance improvements, Evernote has also introduced an auto-lock feature to stop the device from falling asleep while the user is preparing a meal. It’s a small feature, but one that is invaluable when your hands are covered with ingredients and you need to look at the next part of the recipe.

Evernote Food for Android was updated less than two weeks ago with a new user interface, similar to the iOS version, and the aforementioned support for restaurant reservations via OpenTable. It seems that iOS development is taking priority at the moment, but you can expect today’s update in an Android release in the not too distant future.

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