Google updates its YouTube Capture app for iOS with Wi-Fi only uploads and faster launch speed

Google updates its YouTube Capture app for iOS with Wi-Fi only uploads and faster launch speed

Google has updated the YouTube Capture app for iOS today, adding a small list of notable improvements that should make the iPhone and iPad a more viable option for shooting video.

The first feature is an “only upload on Wi-Fi” option, which is vital for anyone that is recording in high-definition and wants to make sure that a large file upload won’t max out or surpass their monthly data limit.

The app will also show a high-definition preview of any enhancements made within the app, both before they’re finalized and uploaded to the service. Given how crucial 720p and 1080p content is on the video sharing network these days, seeing the results of any post-production edits beforehand is a valuable addition.


The app also shows the amount of time remaining when uploading any video to YouTube. High-definition shots can take an awful long time to upload – especially if you’re prepared to use a 2G or 3G connection – so knowing how long you’ll need to wait is a welcome, albeit not essential improvement.

YouTube Capture has also been updated today with faster launch speed. The app isn’t known for being the immediate choice of photojournalists, but an almost-instantaneous boot-up time will make it an interesting option for those looking to capture spontaneous moments or breaking stories.

Google says it’s also fixed a number of bugs in this release, including “misbehaving” when the user’s device is low on storage space or uploading to YouTube.

The updated app is available right now from the App Store.

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