Federated local business listing service Yext now supports the updating of Facebook pages

Federated local business listing service Yext now supports the updating of Facebook pages

Today Yext announced and released a feature that will allow businesses that use its service to directly update their local Facebook pages with pertinent business information.

Yext is a company dedicated to helping businesses keep information concerning their enterprise – think opening times, staff notes, and items for sale – up to date on every nook of the Internet. Its system links with Yelp and other services to provide companies with a single hub to keep all Web platforms current concerning their comings and goings.

The service, simplifying a pain point for businesses is performing strongly. The company passed 100,000 paid listings in December of 2012, charging several hundred dollars per listing per year; this puts the firms revenue comfortably in the eight figure range.

Today, the company has improved its core product, and extended it. The addition of support for Facebook pages in any number allows it to better be the central update center for a businesses digital footprint.

According to the firm, there are around 15 million global Facebook pages for businesses of various sizes. It intends to allow its current customers to update their extant Facebook presence as they would any other property that Yext is integrated with.

Previously, the company told TNW that 40% of local business listing online are incorrect in one way or another; this can lead to frustrated customers, and thus constrained sales.

Facebook is a key player in the local business market, Yext’s bread and butter. With the rise of Facebook’s Graph Search product, it is taking a larger role at the center of local search; that clickstream is what Yext services in essence, for its clients. Thus, to support the Facebook platform as it does others sensical.

TNW spoke with Yext co-founder and CEO Howard Lerman, who indicated that Facebook support was a widely requested feature among the firm’s userbase.

Recently, Yext released a feature that allowed businesses to include more information in their federated listings, including menus, calendars, and notes on their employees; get to know your barista, indeed.

Today also marks Yext going mobile. The company has an iOS application. Likely the company will soon bring its product to other platforms as well. Yext would make a decent fit on Android, and I think is a fine candidate for a Windows 8 app.

Yext is an odd company. It’s revenues right now are likely more than twenty times that of Foursquare’s 2012 haul, yet the company is all but unknown. Those who help others vend are often out of public view, but quickly growing. When Yext hits 200,000 paid listings, we’ll bring you the news.

Top Image Credit: Christopher Bulle 

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