Evernote updates Penultimate with smart notebook titles, improved syncing and new premium features

Evernote updates Penultimate with smart notebook titles, improved syncing and new premium features

Evernote has updated its popular iPad handwriting app Penultimate today with smarter notebook titles, a wider range of sync options and new premium features, including unlimited access to the Paper Shop.

Penultimate will now suggest notebook titles automatically based on your current location – provided it’s available – and ongoing events listed in your calendar. It’s a neat idea, providing a quick and structured reference for any set of notes that you might be jotting down in a hurry.

Most will probably want to use the feature as a reference point before adding their own personalized title later on, so Evernote has been wise to keep the option for users to type in a new name manually.


“We’ve also made notebook covers more helpful,” a blog post on the Evernote website reads. “They now display the name of the location where you last made edits, which gives you useful context about the notebook at a glance.”

To access these features, you’ll need to give Penultimate access to your iPad’s default calendar app and location information. Fear not, however, as Evernote says this information will only be used to title your notebooks; there should be no chance of your data being collected and used for other devious means.

Evernote is also giving users greater control over when and how written notes sync with their account in the cloud. By diving into the account section of the app, users can now pause a sync at anytime, which is perfect if you’re abroad or worried about your data usage for a particular month.

It’s not an earth-shattering addition, but users can also now choose to only sync notes when they’re on a Wi-Fi connection. Hooray!

If you’ve forked out for a Premium subscription, Evernote has also added some additional value by giving users unlimited access to all paper styles contained in various collections. Given that these styles are prices individually between $0.99 and $2.99, that’s not a bad deal.


A passcode lockscreen has also been added for Premium users, which can be found once again under the account section of the app.

“In addition to these two features, Premium users can create more and larger notebooks, have access to faster support, and get quicker processing of their handwritten notes for search,” the company adds.

Evernote says the new Penultimate app is also more stable and reliable than before, and comes with a bunch of minor tweaks too, such as the ability to sign-out first when switching between users.

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