Blockbuster finally brings its on-demand movie rental service to iOS

Blockbuster finally brings its on-demand movie rental service to iOS

It was the one glaring omission in its app portfolio, but old school movie rental service Blockbuster has finally launched an iOS app for its online ‘On Demand’ streaming service in the US.

Just to recap, Blockbuster has followed a similar path to Kodak in recent years, failing to adapt to the shift in consumer behavior away from the old world order. Indeed, it was left engulfed in a cloud of dust with Netflix & Co. streaming past it, if you can pardon the pun.

With Blockbuster on Demand, however, the former video-rental behemoth has attempted to move with the times, serving up a multi-platform movie-streaming service for a few years already. But it recently started removing support from some devices, including Vudu, WDTV and Roku. It relaunched on Roku earlier this year, about a month after Blockbuster had quietly reintroduced the service, redesigned from the ground up.

The service picks up where its traditional high street model left off; rather than following a subscription-based Netflix approach you rent movies per title. And prior to today, there were apps for PC, Mac, Android, Samsung Smart TVs and Roku. Now, there’s iOS too.


Given this is straight-forward rentals we’re talking about, you can access most mainstream movies, as would be available ordinarily through any high street rental service. And they’re available in HD, with Surround Sound.

Though Blockbuster isn’t yet listing the app on its website, it’s very much available to download now, optimized for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Oh, and the service is still US-only for now.

Blockbuster On Demand | iOS

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