Yahoo launches redesigned Android app with Summly integration, but it’s US-only for now

Yahoo launches redesigned Android app with Summly integration, but it’s US-only for now

A week after Yahoo re-launched its iOS app with Summly integration and redesigned article pages, the same updates have finally arrived on Android too.

Just to recap, Summly is the news summary service recently acquired by Yahoo from UK teenager Nick D’Aloisio. The app was launched by D’Aloisio when he was 16, and was reportedly acquired for $30M.

While the Android Yahoo app has been out for a while already, it hasn’t been shown a great deal of love in recent times, and this latest update represents a fairly significant update. Though it’s worth noting at this juncture, as with the iOS incarnation, the Android app is seemingly only aimed at US-users – certainly, it’s not available yet in the UK, Australia or Canada.

Yahoo for Android

The app essentially brings Yahoo’s Web content to mobile, in what it calls a “virtually endless stream of personalized stories,” the theory being the more you use the app, the more relevant stories you’ll see.

The app serves up stories, alongside ‘Summaries by Yahoo,’ essentially boxed-out overviews of the main story. Yahoo doesn’t make specific reference to Summly here, but it’s almost certain that these are being powered by Summly.


As with any good news app, you can also browse by category and select the topics you want to read about.


You can also email or share stories with Facebook and Twitter, while Yahoo is doing its damnest to spread other Yahoo apps far and wide, including Finance, Mail, Messenger and so on.


Marissa Mayer seems to have breathed new life into Yahoo since she upped sticks from Google and jumped on board as its new CEO last summer. While it may no longer be known for its search engine, Yahoo has made new inroads as an online media company, plus it still claims a hell of a lot of Yahoo Mail users, particularly in the US.

This probably explains why it recently updated its Mail and Weather apps, too, both of which also featured a rather sleek and clean design.

Yahoo for Android is available to download for free now – in the US-only.

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