TNW Pick of the Day: Timeless is a beautifully simple timer app for iPhone

TNW Pick of the Day: Timeless is a beautifully simple timer app for iPhone

TNW-PickOfTheDayA quick perusal of the App Store reveals no shortage of timer apps. Some are a little more complex and intricate, such as Timer, others focus more on being beautiful and simple…like Timer.

Yet another iOS timer app has hit our radar, however, going by the name of Timeless. And we think you’ll like it.


Timeless is an incredibly simple app for iPhone and iPod touch, allowing you to set multiple timers using nothing but taps and swipes. This could be for if you’re cooking a meal, waiting for something to come on TV and everything in between.

When you get past the opening intro screen, the first thing you’ll see is the countdown timer, set to 00:00.


Each column, for hours and minutes, is scrollable and takes seconds – if you’ll pardon the pun – to set your desired time.

Given you can set multiple countdowns, you can add a tag manually to each one, so you know what is what. It’s probably worth noting the one obvious flaw here too – you can only set hours and minutes. It would be good to set a countdown for, say, 90 seconds.


For each timer, you can pause or resume at any point via the small button at the bottom center, while clicking the ‘bell’ icon lets you tweak vibration and audio alert settings.

You can also double-tap anywhere to start/stop each timer, which is a nice touch.


You swipe right to start a new timer, and swipe left/right to navigate between the various ones you’ve set up.


When a timer expires, you get a notification on your homescreen, as well as any audio alert you’ve set up.

Oh, and while this app has been out for a few weeks already, the latest update also sees a stopwatch feature brought in. To enable this, you simply have to hit the ‘Play’ button when the timer is at 00:00.


There’s a settings menu that lets you set the default sound/notifications and sound effects. And crucially, for an app that relies heavily on looks, you can change the color themes too.


Timeless is really all about the usability and the ‘look and feel’, and on this front it delivers. It’s the latest in a line of apps that combine simplicity and aesthetics to deliver something really great – check out Currency Converter too.

Timeless is available to download from the App Store now, costing $0.99 or your local currency equivalent.

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